About Louisville Youth Group:

The Louisville Youth Group (LYG) is a nonprofit organization that envisions a universal community that accepts, affirms and uplifts all young people regardless of their sexual orientation and gender identity. LYG works toward this goal by helping and supporting young people – gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, gender non-conforming, questioning, asexual, intersex, and allied youth under the age of 21 – through resources and connections with mentors.

It is the vision of the Louisville Youth Group to see a universal community that accepts,affirms and uplifts all young people regardless of their sexual orientation and gender identity.

Our support will allow Louisville Youth Group to do the following:

Greater outreach to local organizations that serve LGBTQ teens

Including mentorship to local Gay-Straight-Trans Alliances in Louisville and Southern Indiana.

Educational, social and supportive programming

Including events like the LGBTQ youth to leadership camp at YMCA Camp Piomingo, Prom at the 3rd Lutheran Church, lock-ins and weekly meetings throughout the year.

Comfortable, accessible space for anyone interested in a place to talk, listen or find support

Including spaces like a safe, welcoming lounge space for students to gather, find support and identify resources.

Your sponsorship will help Feast on Equality have a direct impact on the lives of our LGBTQ youth! Gifts to Feast on Equality truly change lives, from the frightened young adult struggling to come out of the closet on one end of the continuum to the out, proud young adult who’s learning to be a community leader on the other. In 2016, Feast on Equality awarded the Louisville Youth Group (LYG) with the proceeds from our event. Since then, LYG has taken these big steps to put the funds to good use:

  • In the spring, LYG hosted its yearly LGBTQ Prom. Many LGBTQ youth feel unsafe or unwelcome at their High School proms with their partners. LYG Prom is a fun, safe, and inclusive experience for all youth regardless of their sexual or gender identity.
  • This summer, LYG hosted its annual Youth to Leadership Camp, where LYG youth and mentors spend the weekend at YMCA Camp Piomingo. The group works on team building, leadership development, and social interaction.
  • This year, LYG hosted a New Years Eve lock in for youth to have a safe drug & alcohol free space to be and ring in the New Year.
  • Your support also helps LYG staff and the Youth Leadership Council continue the daily work of the Louisville Youth Group: assisting students in crisis, facilitating confidential support groups for closeted and transgender students, teaching workshops to local Gay-Straight-Trans Alliances and providing a full array of programs and events that celebrate LGBT identity.

Want to learn how you can help?

Your sponsorship will help Feast on Equality support local LGBT organizations to implement programming and other resources to support our LGBT youth.