About Bellarmine University Office of Identity & Inclusion:

The Office of Identity & Inclusion (OII) at Bellarmine University creates educational opportunities for members of the Bellarmine community to critically examine their beliefs, values and assumptions as it relates to multiculturalism. OII is committed to offering co-curricular programs that acknowledge and reflect the experiences of underrepresented populations, while also providing educational opportunities for all members of the campus community to examine their individual and group experiences within a culturally diverse society. The underlying goal of these two endeavors is to construct a community that acknowledges the multiple perspectives and backgrounds that are present on campus, thereby creating an inclusive and celebratory campus environment where all students, staff and faculty are valued and affirmed.

The Office of Identity & Inclusion works in partnership with BUKnighted, a student-led LGBTQ and allies organization that works diligently to create an inclusive campus community at Bellarmine University that welcomes people of all sexual orientations, gender identities, and gender expressions through educational programming and campus activism.

Our support will allow Bellarmine University to do the following:

Support for LGBT members of the university and their allies

Including various entities open to students, faculty, staff, alumni, and visitors: including coming-out support groups, emergency assistance for students in crisis, addressing instances of hate and bias, and grants/scholarships for students with financial need to participate in office events and activities.

Educational, social and supportive programming

Including trainings to teach university and community partners to be allies, to interrupt oppression and to become active partners in creating a welcoming space; LGBT-themed study abroad experiences and grants for students who want to learn to design and implement social justice projects.

Comfortable, accessible space for anyone interested in a place to talk, listen or find support

Including visible physical spaces like the Office of Identity & Inclusion: a safe, welcoming lounge space for students to gather, find support and identify resources. This space also is available for student group meetings, socials, and educational programming.

Expand the Office of Identity & Inclusion support staff

Including hiring and training graduate students whose studies are congruent with social justice, diversity, equity and inclusion. These individuals will provide part-time support for the entire year that will work in tandem with students and professional staff to provide trainings, educational programming and advisory support for students and student groups.

Your sponsorship will help Feast on Equality have a direct impact on the lives of our LGBTQ youth! Gifts to Feast on Equality truly change lives, from the frightened young adult struggling to come out of the closet on one end of the continuum to the out, proud young adult who’s learning to be a community leader on the other.

In 2016, Feast on Equality awarded the Office of Identity & Inclusion at Bellarmine University with the proceeds from our event. Since then, the Bellarmine Office of Identity & Inclusion has taken these big steps to put the funds to good use:

  • In the spring, the Office helped 16 student leaders attend the Midwestern Bisexual Gay Transgender and Allies College Conference (MBLGTACC) to learn more about activism and network with national leaders. They came back with a renewed vision for how they can make a difference at home and an empowered sense of purpose.
  • This fall, the Office developed will develop a LGBTQ+ mentorship program for 25 students. The program is a two-part model: connecting a current LGBTQ+ student to an alumni mentor, as well as a connecting them to a mentee at a local Gay/Straight Alliance in Jefferson County Public Schools.
  • In April, the Office hosted the Dialogue on Diversity Conference, a space where 150 community members engaged in thoughtful and instructive conversations about the relevance and role of diversity in the fields of business, education, media, health, politics, community engagement, and religion.
  • This fall, the Office was able to take its first fall break trip that allowed 50 students the opportunity to travel to Washington, DC to visit the Smithsonian Museums, engage in the culture of the DMV area and participate in educational reflection completely free of charge.
  • In Spring 2016, the campus hosted its Inaugural Lavender graduation and Multicultural graduation ceremonies. Held to celebrate the accomplishments of students of color and LGBTQ+ students, establishing two new traditions.

Your support also helps the Director of the Office of Identity & Inclusion, and her staff continue the daily work of the office: assisting students in crisis, facilitating confidential support groups for closeted and transgender students, teaching workshops to help faculty create safe classroom environments, and providing a full array of programs and events that celebrate intersectional LGBT identities. Part of the vision for putting this year’s support to work includes:

  • Hosting the regional Dialogue on Diversity conference to construct a space where participants can engage in thoughtful and instructive conversations about the relevance and role of diversity in the fields of business, education, media, health, politics, community engagement, and religion.
  • Hiring a graduate intern to serve as a mentor to undergraduate students and to help with the office’s work.
  • Providing leadership and diversity training for faculty, staff and students.
  • Plan future educational trips outside of the Kentuckiana area at little or no cost to students.

Want to learn how you can help?

Your sponsorship will help Feast on Equality support local LGBT organizations to implement programming and other resources to support our LGBT youth.